Morning Obsessions


I usually have my best ideas in the morning when my house is quiet and it’s just me, my coffee and the cats. For 2015, I made a few resolutions. I am quitting drinking for a year. I just am. Also, whenever I have a creative idea, I am writing it down in a book. That way I can review them at my leisure and pursue the ones I want. I’m tired of just saying, “I’m going to paint more!” or “I’m going to finish my novel!” This way I have a concrete touchstone for each project. It’s crazy, but it might just work.

Project 1: Paint a tryptec of pink elephants flying across a three colored screen. Kinda in the Drinky Crow styly. Very cartooony a la the whole 2000s vinyl toy style.

Project 2: Make canvasses look like paintings. This one may be a bit difficult, as I am going to have to cut through a good amount of canvas board. Then I will have to get some canvas and glue all down over what I cut. Hmm. now that I think about it, no need to actually use canvas board to begin with if I am just going lay canvass anyway.


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