Records you don’t own, but should: Eternal Elysium – Searching Low and High

Eternal Elysium – Searching Low and High

2005 – Diwphalanx Records

Tana Haugo Bass, Vocals
Antonio Ishikawa Drums
Yukito Okazaki Vocals, Guitars

I’m sorry to say that the whole record cannot be found on youtube. You will have to settle for these two songs. You will be very fortunate, indeed, to find a physical copy of this. It was a fairly limited run.

This Japanese trio bring a nice nice touch of melody to a sometimes overbearing worship of the riff that you usually find with the stoner/doom/ psych genre. The vocals are clean, if a tad bit engrishy. This is definitely worth the search.

I was fortunate enough to see these guys live in their trip to the states. They were amazing live. They brought a showmanship that a lot of bands shy away from and I think is sorely missing from the scene. Here is my homework to any bands that may be reading this: standing very still and mopey is fucking boring for the audience.

Anyway. Pick it up if you can find it.


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