Make your own six pack at Whole Foods Part 2

Moose Drool Brown Ale

Big Sky Brewing, Missoula, Montana 5.1% Alc by Vol.


Smells kinda like Budweiser. Tastes rich and beery. It really tastes like a dark beer. Kinda thick and pleasant. I really enjoy a beer that feels like a solid in your mouth. But, who the fuck names these things? I like the picture, though:

IMG_20130208_214847 (1)

Kinda fucked up, that.

Hop Rye’it

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Bend, Oregon 6.5% Alc by Vol.

IMG_20130208_215936 (1)

Well, if I learned anything from last night it is that I don’t care at all for rye. Fortunately for me, the last two beers of this experiment are made from rye. Hoo-ray. Once again, a sweet start followed by a bitter finish, that lingers. This one doesn’t linger as long, nor is it as unpleasant…but still, not a fan of Rye.

Ruthless Rye

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, California 6.6% Alc by Vol.


I dunno. I’m three beers in again and I’m still not appreciating rye. At least this, and the last, beer was also an IPA. This beer is very foamy. I, also, feel kinda foamy. The label is kind of cool. I’m sorta sleepy. Goodnight.


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