Chef Geoff’s – McCall

I was originally going to do a post about how we stole a dump truck and stole all the McCall snow sculptures. The post would have ended with a shootout where we barely escaped with our lives. But something special happened in McCall. Something I was in no way expecting.

A culinary delight.

We were walking down the main street in McCall after an exhausting four-hour drive from Caldwell. We had just checked into our hotel and were exhausted. Just exhausted. Alice, Toby, the kids and I went out looking for dinner. It had literally taken us an hour to walk three blocks due to the kids incessant need to climb EVERY giant snow pile that there was and me limping due to my falling down at the gas station in Cascade. (Worry not, fearless reader, even though I am in massive amounts of ankle-related pain I will still continue my blog – You are welcome.)

We found this really cool video game place with leather couches and 3d tvs. I would have been perfectly happy at this point to sit my fat ass down and play video games for the next few hours, but the gang was hungry. They pointed us in the direction of Chef Geoff’s next door.  Tired and sore and cold, we obliged.

Let me start this off by saying, in general I am leery of burger joints, so when I saw someone calling themselves a “chef” well, let’s just say I wasn’t expecting much. The menu had a bunch of different burgers and a few other varied items. They also had quite a breakfast menu. Everything was fairly priced. Our waitress was really nice and helpful and Geoff – the chef, was nice as well. We were the last customers of the night on what must have been a really busy day due to the Winter Carnival but we never were made to feel rushed.

I want to get the food review out of the way before I get to my favorite part about Chef Geoff’s. The burgers were, simply, delicious. I was actually floored by how good they were. The beef was flavorful and juicy. The bread looked like a ciabatta bread but it was like no ciabatta bread I had ever eaten. It was soft and savory and soaked up all of the delicious meat juice and sauces held within. The chicken tacos were fantastic and brimming with meat. You will have to accept my sincerest apologies for my lack of pictures of the food. But, once we realized what we had, it was far too late. The food was gone before we could blink. It was that good. If I could have one minor quibble, it was that everything came with potato chips instead of fries. I’m a fat guy. I like my fries.

Now. For my absolute favorite reason that I love Chef Geoff’s.

They have Slayer on the Jukebox!!!

When we first walked in there, The Beatles were playing. Far be it from me to dislike one of the most important bands to ever exist, but the psychedelia was putting me to sleep. We needed something…more. Chef Geoff’s had every single Slayer record on the jukebox. Not only that but when I plunked in my two dollars for six songs and selected the entire Seasons of the Abyss record, Chef Geoff himself lifted his mighty remote control and turned the music up to 11.

This is what ensued….


IMG_20130201_212154Chef Geoff, himself


Our favoritest waitress ever!

IMG_20130201_212355Slayer dance party

So. Let me say this. If you are ever in McCall for any reason. I command you to visit Chef Geoff’s. Put some Slayer on the Jukebox and tell ’em Bathtub Obsessions sent ya. \m/ \m/

Chef Geoff’s

1007 N 3rd St
McCall, ID 83638


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