The Catherine Tate Show: Seasons 1-3

The Catherine Tate Show: Seasons 1-3



I was up all last night with a particularly bad case of food poisoning that I’m pretty sure that I earned by eating a Wal*Mart frozen Chimichunga. I couldn’t sleep and was in need of some relief. The Catherine Tate show came up on Netflix. So I watched it. Until 4 a.m. Until the battery on my phone died.

Now, I know that I am in the minority of people who think she was one of the better companions on Dr Who. Personally, I think Donna brought a texture to the show that it was sorely lacking. I thought she was pretty funny too.  Sure, she is over the top and twitchy and a spaz. So is Dr Who. Your argument is invalid. She was also a  breath of fresh air in the muddled swamp that the Office became after Steve Carell left.

So as much as my pain wracked body could be, I was pretty excited for this. I started with episode 1 and I had to say that it was fucking hilarious. I was trying really hard not to wake Alice who was sleeping next to me. The old lady character was really acidic and funny, the schoolgirl is fucking amazing and everything was fresh and new.

Until episode 2.

Episode 2 is just like episode 1

and 3

and 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

The characters don’t change and much like Saturday Night Live in the 80s and 90s the show relies on one liners that Ms. Tate just won’t let die. Do we really need to see a sketch (sometimes two per episode) about a lady who wants a co-worker to guess where her hairdresser came from? No. No we do not. But we do. Every episode. Ever.

Maybe it was the pain that soured me towards the end of my viewing session. To be fair, there were some pretty funny sketches. The old lady and the schoolgirl characters stayed funny after repeated viewings. As did the couple (a send up of some U.K. region of which I am unaware due to me living in ‘merica) where the wife did something stupid.

The rest of the cast were always stellar and a joy to watch. That’s the sad part. Catherine Tate had to be the center of EVERY sketch. EVERY time. If some of these other people were allowed off of their leash a bit more, things might have had a bit more longevity.

For all my gripes, I was happy to have spent a little time with Catherine Tate. I’m just sad that now I kind of understand why she gets under everyone else’s skin.

I still think she was an excellent Dr. Who Companion though, so fuck off.


One response to “The Catherine Tate Show: Seasons 1-3

  1. The repetitive nature of the show, each character having one sketch per show, did wear on me a bit as well, but…when her sketches are brilliant, and many are, they’re just fucking brilliant. Lauren Cooper is hilarious even though she is a one-trick pony. “Am I bovvered, though?” Great every single time. And as far as new who goes, Donna Noble was the best companion they’ve had. There was no love interest nonsense to worry about, no unrequited love story in the background. The scene that does it for me is from the library episode. The Doctor and Donna accept the contracts and wordlessly tear them up simultaneously. While not a time lord I found her to be the companion who was most equal to the Doctor since Romana.

    And hey, Moffat. Where’s Romana?

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