Novel in installments : Preface

I was sitting in my cubicle thinking about what to write today. It can be quite difficult to come up with new, creative ideas everyday. Often, I find myself pulling my hair out looking for new stuff to write about. Staring at the screen, squeezing the lemon of creativity (heh). I can only imagine what actual writers go through. This project of mine has only been going on for a few weeks. What will I look like in three months? Bald, I suppose. 

So, I came up with this idea of a novel, in installments. Like they used to do in the 60s gentleman’s magazines. My installments will be much shorter, as I only have a limited amount of time between phone calls. It will give me a longer term goal that I can accomplish while keeping my OCD in check. It will give me a chance to flesh out bigger ideas. Ideas that can’t be contained in a poorly written, satirical poem. To those of you that come here for short satirical poems, however, you will only have to put up with a couple of chapters a month. You will still get your daily dose of the usual nonsense.

Having never written much before, I can see how a novel is a massive undertaking. I spent a solid five minutes thinking about a plot to no avail. The only reasonable thing to do here would just be to write the damn thing. Plot be damned! Characters be damned! I am just going to let it flow. Sweet lord, I smell genius. Plus, it will give me a chance to write about something other than myself. Which will not only be a relief for you, dear reader, but for myself as well.

PR 1/15/13



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