Transmissions from a cubicle IV: On writing

Disclaimer: This is going to be another one of those self exploration posts that will be of little interest to anyone but myself. Please, feel free to read knowing that you have been forewarned that what is to follow will be a torrent of self-indulgent drivel. For those of you not interested in such raging ego circuses, I will be posting a frozen dinner review later today.

 Well, it looks like yesterday’s post set a new record for me. 142 views. Wow. Kinda neat. I guess it just goes to show that nice trumps grumpy every time. Well, fear not. I am not going to start quoting Rumi. Nor will I start posting poems. I made my wife happy, though. That is always a good thing.

The main reason that I started this blog was to practice writing. There are a lot of random snippets of ideas running around my head that I never had a decent outlet for. Snappy replies to pictures of cats on Facebook wasn’t really cutting it for me. I was figuring that if I wrote enough, then my writing would improve. On some level that is true. I am able to produce quantity much easier. Quality? Meh. Well, I guess that is more for you to decide.

I know that I still start about 50% of all of my sentences with “I” and that, if I recall correctly, is not a good thing. I remember about 0.0000006% of anything that I have learned from my school days. That was one of them.  Also, my spelling and grammar are horrid. Punctuation? The proper use of a semi colon eludes me. Nonetheless, I soldier on.

Why am I doing this, then? Well, first off,  I am really enjoying myself. I actually get excited everyday for my postings. Usually the ideas come fast and furious. Today, probably due to performance anxiety from yesterday, not so much. That’s o.k. though. As long as I stick to writing every day, I will work through it.

One thing that I don’t like is that I became a blog whore. I was posting links to my blogs on my facebook, on other people’s comments, so on and so on. I was liking really strange blogs just so they would look at mine and I would get a hit. That ends today. I’m not going to post EVERY entry I make in EVERY comment that anyone ever posts on facebook.

My goal of getting at least one hit from every country still stands. I really want to fill in my little wordpress country map. Self indulgence at its finest. Plus, I really do like knowing whats going on in the rest of the world.

Well, I got five paragraphs done. That should get me through this writers block. Restaurant reviews are kind of out until I get some cash.   I think tomorrow I will write about Boise. That is a topic I really haven’t touched yet.


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