100 reasons why I love my wife

  1. She tolerates my terrible cooking.
  2. She laughs more than ten people combined.
  3. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met.
  4. She likes my beard.
  5. She doesn’t complain about my stinky feet.
  6. She never looks at me cross-eyed when I have conversations with the cats.
  7. She is ALWAYS super nice to me.
  8. She enjoys my made up dances.
  9. She loves snow more than anyone I have ever met.
  10. She puts up with my whining about my car.
  11. She makes me dinner when I work late.
  12. She is ALWAYS on my side. No matter what.
  13. She has more love in her than anyone I have ever met.
  14. She tries to be extra nice to people she hates.
  15. She loves Indian food.
  16. She likes the Pixies.
  17. She likes metal.
  18. She encourages me to do whatever I want to do.
  19. She has pretty red lips.
  20. She loves road trips.
  21. She loves good food.
  22. She loves hot springs.
  23. She lets me fish whenever I want.
  24. She lets me clean fish in the kitchen.
  25. She is an excellent kisser.
  26. When I am sick she takes care of me.
  27. When she is sick she lets me take care of her.
  28. She can drive a 16ft Penske with a car on a trailer like a boss.
  29. She kicks me in the ass when I need it.
  30. She always speaks well of me.
  31. She makes me feel loved.
  32. She likes antiques.
  33. She likes duck.
  34. She has dressed the cats up in little costumes.
  35. She taught me how to drive correctly.
  36. She loves Hawaii.
  37. She loves to put flowers in her hair.
  38. She saved my life.
  39. She has a very high tolerance for my shenanigans.
  40. She puts up with my silent war with the neighbors.
  41. She has pretty curly hair.
  42. She refuses to act her age.
  43. She loves to go tubing.
  44. She likes to paint flowers on her shoes.
  45. She recognizes game.
  46. She likes brussel sprouts.
  47. She does not give up.
  48. She likes art deco.
  49. She works really hard at being the best at what she does.
  50. She stands her ground.
  51. She likes leopard prints.
  52. She wants to take me to Paris even though she hates Paris.
  53. She calls me out on my bullshit.
  54. Her whole day is made if I leave an “I love you” on her facebook.
  55. She loves the ocean.
  56. She had a restraining order against Jello Biafra.
  57. She sends me really sweet e-mails everyday.
  58. She always shares.
  59. She let me take my time with quitting smoking as long as I did it.
  60. She gets behind anything I believe in, no matter how ridiculous.
  61. She looooooves crab.
  62. She loves the winter.
  63. She loves to (and is good at) taking pictures.
  64. She likes American Dad.
  65. She loves her family.
  66. She loves to swim with the fishies.
  67. She appreciates a well made snowman
  68. She is better than I am with money.
  69. She thinks the 80s were the finest decade of all.
  70. She is down with Snoop
  71. She doesn’t blink twice if she comes home to find me naked except for a viking helmet.
  72. She loves burlesque.
  73. She fights for what she has.
  74. She hates blue cheese.
  75. She has learned to hate raisins.
  76. She would like to own a Prius.
  77. She would also like to own a 1940s sedan in hot pink.
  78. She thinks pink and orange is the best color combination that there is.
  79. She wants to bring muffs back.
  80. She loves Lucy.
  81. She got a tattoo with my name on it.
  82. She likes my furry chest.
  83. She always saves me a bite of ice cream.
  84. She has better stories than you do. That’s a guarantee.
  85. She has flava.
  86. She is grace personified under pressure.
  87. She thinks i’m cute.
  88. She pronounces Gnocchi correctly.
  89. She collects irradiated glass.
  90. She smells delicious.
  91. She takes our marriage very seriously.
  92. She can beat me at poker.
  93. She is not a snob.
  94. She has ticklish knees.
  95. She is fascinated by Chakira.
  96. She is not afraid of anybody.
  97. She is more metal than you are.
  98. She is the finest human being I have ever met.
  99. She would take a bullet for me and I for her.
  100. She holds my heart.

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