Tips and tricks for driving in snow

Good morning. Today’s blog is a seminar of what appears to be the most difficult task to accomplish in Idaho.


Driving in Snow.

“But, Paul!” you say ” Driving in snow is easy! All I have to do is get in my car and drive while it is snowing!”

While this is technically correct, driving in snow is a skill that must be mastered. It takes time and carefull preparation to become what I have dubbed “SNOW MASTER DRIVER KING GUY/GIRL.” I know, I know. It is very catchy.

In this seminar, I will present to you three different scenarios involving snow driving. Study them well. After you feel like you know what to do like the back of your hand, I fully encourage you to get out there and practice, practice, practice.

Only when you have mastered all three scenarios will you be worthy of the stage two seminar. I will discuss stage two further at the end of this lesson.

Lesson one: Braking

Braking, even in the best of weather conditions, can be a difficult proposition. In normal weather you want to be sure to apply a light, steadily increasing pressure until you come to a full stop.  Not so in snowy conditions! When it is snowing it is of vital importance to make sure that the brake pedal touches the floor as fast as you can make it do so. Imagine there is a fire on your brake pedal! Stomp that fire out. That is the only way that you will get the traction that you will need. Once you have hit the brakes correctly, feel free to close your eyes and take your hands off the wheel, confidant in a job well done.

Lesson two: Turning

The main issue that I have seen with taking corners in the snow is an utter lack of commitment to the turn. Physics tells us that us that a car that is not going fast enough when taking a corner will end up crashing into a tree and you will probably die. For those of you that don’t know, physics is science. Science not good enough for you? Here is some math:

6×44 (42-6)-55+7=70 m.p.h.

That is the speed you should be going while taking a corner in the snow.  Once again, don’t let what is going on outside the car distract you from keeping you speed at exactly 70! Ignore the windows. Keep your eyes firmly locked onto the speedometer. You may get a feeling of vertigo. That means you are doing it right.

Lesson three: Everything Else

Look. I can’t hope to cover every single situation in a 15 minute seminar so I will briefly go over a few life-saving techniques that will keep you and your family safe.

  • High beams. Keep them on at all times.  Also keep your hazard lights on. Many drivers may not know that it is snowing. Keep your hand pressed firmly on the horn. Let ’em know you are coming!
  • The biggest danger to a driver in snowy condition is falling asleep. Keep all of your windows open and your radio full blast.
  • If all else fails, jump out of the car. Don’t wait for the car to slowdown or you will just get in an accident anyway. Get out!  Now! As long as you remeber to tuck and roll you will be fine.

I do hope this seminar has helped you to get out there and brave the cold. Next week’s seminar we will explore facialneck tattoos and other awesome life choices. Remember! YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!


5 responses to “Tips and tricks for driving in snow

  1. Since I grew up in Norway I have learned one thing about driving in snow: Take it EAAAAASSSSSYYYY!

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