Transmissions from a cubicle Volume 1

So. I work in a cubicle when I am not spending my free hours working on this blog. I don’t really want to get into what I do too much. Let’s just say I work in the travel industry.

My cubicle is about 6 feet wide and three feet deep. I have a computer, a phone, two drawers and a trash can. I have three books. Two I have read, one I have not started yet. My cubicle also contains a Boise State football bobblehead left by the previous occupant. Apparently, his name is Jerard Rabb. I have not removed it yet because I am not sure if the previous tenant is going to return or not. I also cannot use the drawers as they are filled with said owners stuff. I have tried turning the bobblehead around so I could not look into his dead, plastic eyes but staring at his dead plastic ass is no better. Everytime I type his head slightly nods at me as if to say “That’s right, Paul! That’s a letter! Touchdown! 4th down that email! Punt that paragraph!!” (Sorry, I should probably mention that I know absolutely nothing about football, so any sports references may or may not be accurate.)

It’s not that I hate sports. Hell, I love fishing and disc golf is a lot of fun. I just don’t understand the whole mob mentality of following the progress of a team, that most likely didn’t come from where they are representing, and going buck wild as if the fans themselves have something to do with a victory. I understand that Boise would probably not have electricity, nevermind a booming economy, without the Broncos. I guess that would be a decent reason to follow the team. I guess. I just get bored watching other people do things involving balls and goals and such. I would rather fish.

So. There he sits. Watching me. Nodding. Endlessly. I think I am starting to understand his nodding now.

He wants me to steal a football, a car and a can of peas.


He wants us to go to vegas.


It will be a sports-related spirit quest. Jerard Rabb and me. Alive. In vegas. With a can of peas.

Nodding, nodding.

I don’t think Alice is gonna buy this idea for a second. I better put him in the drawer.

There. That’s better.


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