Two Minute Movie Review: Prometheus


Prometheus 2012 Blue-Ray

(Spoilers, sweetie. Spoilers.)

Starring: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender

I had been waiting to see this one for a while. I really, really love Sci-fi. I am not the biggest fan of the entire Alien series but I thought the first movie was just amazing. It was the first movie that I ever saw that scared the absolute living shit out of me. Granted, I was twelve, but still…

The thought of Ridley Scott going back to the genre he revolutionized for one more go was kind of thrilling. I mean, come on, this is the guy that brought us Blade Runner. I was also very apprehensive. These things never go as planned. I must admit that I think the majority of the blame falls at the feet of the audience. When a creator revisits a creation we are not just asking him to deliver an amazing story, we are asking him to make us feel like we did when we were 12 and impressionable and open to new ideas. We are asking these people to make us not so jaded. Good luck with that.



What to say….

I liked it. There were some serious holes but I don’t think they were due to the directing. I thought the cinematography was jaw dropping. The sets were amazing. This was a beautiful movie to behold. The sweeping landscapes in the intro were amazing. I’m glad I rented this in Blu-Ray.

The plot was a tangled web of our desire as a species to find our origins. Putting meaning to our lives has always been high on our list of things to do. This has repeatedly failed over the ages, leading to religion, war and other atrocities. The plot explores the scenario of what we would do if given the chance to confront our makers. For the most part, it was handled pretty well. There were a lot more questions left open than answers. The way it should be. I was a little bothered by the lead character’s insistence on holding on to religion even with the truth (repeatedly) hitting her in the face.

Before I jump off on a negative tangent, let me say that Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of the android David was really fucking good. He brought a lack of humanity to the part that really stole the show. Movies usually portray androids/robots/cyborgs as clamoring to become human. I call it the Tin Man syndrome. Not so here. David seemed, if anything, slightly repulsed by humanity. He reveled in his superiority.

Charleze Thereon also played her part very well as the corporate representative on the mission. She didn’t really have a reason to be in the movie….but I enjoyed watching her.

Now. Here are the things that stopped the movie from being really good instead of good.

  • Noomi Rapace. Her acting was decent, especially in the “removal” scene.  I just couldn’t get over that her face looked like it had one too many plastic surgeries. She made the movie feel like The Real Housewives of Alpha Centuri.
  • The Old Man. Look. When is Hollywood going to learn that when you need someone to play the part of an old man….HIRE A FUCKING OLD MAN! Seriously! There are a whole lot of old people out there. I guarantee that one or two of them can act.  Having a young actor in old person make up…just ruins any disbelief that I have invested.

I know. These two things may seem minor, but they really took me out of the movie.

Overall, I think that it was well worth a rent. I keep hearing that they are going to come out with a sequel with plastic face lady going to the Engineers home word. I think this would be a mistake. The first movie summed it all up pretty well in the old adage “It is the journey, not the destination, that matters.”


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