It’s a China Grand Buffet Christmas!

Alice and I spent Christmas morning watching A Christmas Story. The (screamingly racist) scene where they ended up in the Chinese restaurant sold us on heavily salted noodle based yum-yums. We had the pick of any Chinese restaurant in Boise, which isn’t really saying anything. Boise has the worst selection of Chinese I have ever seen. We drove up and down Fairview and finally (my secret wish fulfilled) we decided on China Grand Buffet. For a mere 9.99 per person (adding a soda at .80 cents) you can gorge yourself on a hundred different dishes.


Me. Happy. 

I settled upon the following dishes:

  • deep fried lobster claw
  • General Tso chicken
  • clams in a black bean sauce
  • fried shrimp
  • pork bun
  • snow crab legs
  • hot and sour soup
  • egg roll
  • fried octopus in garlic sauce
  • roasted duck
  • green beans



Look. I’m not going to rate this meal. It was absolutely what I wanted. I trust this place enough to eat seafood there. That should say a lot. The crab was meh and some of the dishes were average.  But everybody was really, really nice and frankly, the duck was delicious. Even though the place was packed, there was never a dish that was “out.”  I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it. So there. Even old grumpy old fart like me can afford a sarcasm free holiday.

Merry whatever.


3 responses to “It’s a China Grand Buffet Christmas!

  1. When I saw that you guys were eating there, Kevin and I had a really long discussion about trusting seafood at a Chinese restaurant in Boise. Glad to know it was good! We will have to check this place out!!!

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