My New Years resolution

I have decided upon my new years resolution. I am going to learn how to cook every national dish of every country in the world. I am going to start with Afghanistan and end with Yemen.

Fuck yeah!

Last years resolution was shitty and hard, (quitting smoking) but successful. So this year I am going to do something fun. I deserve something fun after quitting smoking. That sucked. It still does. So, now that I can taste things again I am going to go full frontal delicious. Maybe that’s what this blog can be about.

First up?

Kabuli pulao

Qabili Palau is a famous Afghani dish.

Kabuli PalawQabili Palaw or simply Palau is an Afghan rice dish consisting of steamed rice mixed with lentils, raisins, carrots and lamb. It is the most popular dish in Afghanistan, and is considered the national dish.

Qabili Palaw is a made by cooking basmati or long grained rice in a brothy sauce (which makes the rice brown). This dish may be made with lambchicken, or beef. Qabili palau is baked in the oven and topped with fried sliced carrots and raisins. Chopped nuts like pistachios or almonds may be added as well. The meat is covered by the rice or buried in the middle of the dish.


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