Boise Fry Company 12/18/12



  • One Habanero burger with blueberry salsa
  • Fried brussel sprouts
  • one order of regular russet fries
  • one order of golden shoestrings

I have been hearing about the Boise Fry company for a while but have never gotten around to eating there. Supposed to be some foodie burger joint specializing in amazing fries. O.k. I’m hungry. I’ll give it a go. We went in tonight and studied the menu. There were about six different types of potatoes for fries plus some $8 fry concoction cooked in duck fat. There were a few different burger choices: beef, bison and vegan. There were also an assortment of 10 different fry sauces and 8 different salts.

To make this challenge a little bit more difficult we had to keep the tab under $20. It is one thing to test a restaurants mettle with unlimited funds…but who the fuck has that. We wanted to keep it on the reals.

I ordered the burger with “heat.” It was a beef patty with a blueberry salsa, cheese and habanero peppers on a home baked bun with a side of russet regular cut fries. I decided to forgo any of the salt choices and went for the spicy ketchup and spicy fry sauce.  At first, I was rolling my eyes at the blueberry salsa. I’m happy to report that it really tied the burger together. The salsa added sweetness to the ample peppers and brought a nice balance to the whole dish.

The brussel sprouts were paired with a smoked salt by Alice. They were of considerable size and that kind of played into their downfall.  Deep frying them made the outer leaves crispy and delicious, especially with the smoked salt. The insides, however, remained as raw brussel sprout which can be very much like gnawing on a mildly bitter shoe. Alice made a very good point that cutting them in half before the frying would have made all of the difference.

Now it comes down to the fries. If you are going to put a product in your name it had better be flawless. These were not. I expected crisp, crunchy shoestrings. They were kind of soggy. My regular fries were kind of greasy. I was underwhelmed. What really made up for it was the spicy ketchup and spicy fry sauce. Neither were for the faint of heart. Both left me reaching for my soda more than once. Alice started with the blueberry ketchup but soon settled in to her favorite combo of spicy ketchup and smoked salt.

Overall, it was worth the money but didn’t live up to the hype. I have to appreciate the honest thought that went into the burger but the 10 different types of fancy pants ketchups still didn’t mask the fact that the fries were, at best, average.


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