Thoughts on a nightmare.

Morning. Your Thursday. My Friday.

I didn’t sleep very well at all last night. I was having a pleasant dream about sledding and robbing people’s houses with some childhood friends. There was much frolicking to be had. Until everything stopped like the frame of a home movie burning against a bulb. I stared at my friends. They were all starting skyward, mouths agape in a silent scream. Objects were appearing around their heads. White geometric objects. Then we went back to sledding. I was lucid enough (in retrospect, maybe not) to know that it was simply demons annoying me in their melodramatic third-rate Japanese horror movie style. I finally woke up, a bit shaken  but happy to be an atheist again so I don’t have to take my dreams as portents of things to come.

Postscript: I now know that this dream was an image of things to come. My next post explains what. My mind is THAT powerful. 


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