Looking at my hands and grinning like an idiot.

I sit here, in serious contemplation, wondering if the speed of my typing versus the speed of my thinking will be my downfall on this project.

You see, I am one of the last generation where typing for the masses was not considered relevant in my school years. No, I was sent to a catholic school where cursive was king. Hour upon hour perfecting curious squiggles with short breaks of being beaten with a ruler to break up the monotony. I have yet to use cursive in real life. I have even simplified my signature to a straight line.  

Now, in the mystical information age, I find myself hunting and pecking with gusto. My eyes are firmly fixed upon the keyboard, any misspellings left until the sentence is complete. I remember once when I was about thirty and I attempted to allow Mavis Beacon to teach me. She failed. I am also pretty sure that she peed in my shoe before leaving. 

I think that the technology that I am really waiting for is something that will gather my cleverest  thoughts as I think them, edit, check for spelling and put them into context of a larger, relevant, topic. But I think I am rather fucked in that regard. So, only time will tell if this experiment pans out. I don’t exactly have a stellar record of follow through. But, we will see.



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